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In order to keep up with rising demand in a growing region, one of the largest Carbonated Soft Drink (CSD) manufacturers in the world decided to consolidate and replace several aging facilities with one new, state-of-the-art plant. Built to bottle, store, and distribute several of the brand’s popular beverage products, the new 1,000,000-square-foot facility was slated for construction on 140 acres of land in Houston, Texas. playboy bonus was selected as the design-builder of choice for the company, based on our extensive experience designing and constructing beverage manufacturing facilities.


The project kicked off in the rainiest fall on record for Southeast Texas. With standing water on the jobsite for more than a month, the project quickly fell behind schedule. But while construction was stalled, design continued, and by the time the conditions were dry enough to begin site work, the crews were able to roll ahead full steam. Not only did they make up the initial time lost, but they were able to reach Joint Occupancy ahead of schedule.

In addition to navigating rainy weather conditions early on the project, we were also faced with extreme heat in the summer months. Safety is always a top priority on playboy bonus jobsites, but for this job, in particular, we made sure that the over 300 members of our field crew were protected from heat-related illnesses. We increased daily breaks, adjusted schedules so some crews could start in the cooler, pre-dawn hours and provided electrolytic popsicles to keep everyone hydrated. The project was successfully completed without any major safety incidents.


Our client needed space in the new facility for multiple new bottling lines, for which it elected to provide and install its own process equipment. Knowing that demand would likely drive expansion in the near future, our facility design teams worked with the client to allot additional space for future production lines and future warehouse expansion. In addition to the primary building for production, warehouse storage and distribution, we also executed six separate out buildings for the client including a fleet service center, recycle building, wastewater treatment, vehicle entry guardhouse, and a fire-pump building. Each of these buildings included self-performed, tilt-up concrete wall panels, including two custom panels made to reflect some of the client’s iconic imagery.


Every aspect of this plant, including 1.3 million square feet of concrete paving and three separate administrative areas for production, sales, and distribution, was completed with our traditional first-in-place quality standards. The new facility successfully accomplished our client’s goal to streamline and upgrade its supply chain for the Southwest region.

  • Beverage production facility with adjoined warehouse and distribution center
  • Production facility includes five (5) new bottling lines and all utility support spaces – process equipment is being furnished and installed by the owner
  • The facility is comprised mostly of tilt-up wall construction with clean design upgrades for the process and bottling areas
  • The facility includes three separate administration areas for a production office, sales office and distribution office
  • The facility has been designed to accommodate expansion for up to five additional production lines and 340,000 SF of future warehouse space
  • Project includes full site development of the 140-acre property, with over 1.3MM square feet of pavement for parking and drive areas
  • Project includes six separate out buildings: fleet service center, recycle building, wastewater treatment, vehicle entry guardhouse, truck entry guardhouse and fire pump building

In addition to its constant benefits, such as cost and time savings, modular building has proven a hedge against rampant shortages of building supplies. #Healthcare #ModularConstruction #ConstructionInnovation

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