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playboy bonus’s engineering and procurement teams make the acquisition and installation of process equipment seamless. We develop system scope and equipment specifications for fully informed RFQ/RFP processes. Our detailed equipment knowledge makes us adept at vendor evaluation and management. Through objective analysis we not only find the right process system equipment for each unique solution, we ensure the cost, design, testing, schedule, and startup meet the project needs.


Our certified project managers bring extensive process expertise to each assignment. From equipment and systems specification development to testing to managing vendor relationships, we ensure that every aspect of a processing line is fine-tuned to our client’s application and objectives. We design systems that utilize our in-house expertise on system design integration and bring a brand-agnostic approach to the procurement of OEM equipment to deliver optimal results.


Fairfield, California
Terra Haute, Indiana
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Northlake, Texas
Hawkins, Texas
Plainfield, Illinois
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In addition to its constant benefits, such as cost and time savings, modular building has proven a hedge against rampant shortages of building supplies. #Healthcare #ModularConstruction #ConstructionInnovation

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